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MSW Event Review: Clothing, Polished & Doree

| Wednesday, September 14, 2011
Hey there!
Stardoll has reached 126,267,003 members, (after a moment) oh it's 126,267,724 now ... I know that loats of people who opened Stardoll accounts aren't active anymore, but still lots of people heared about one of the bigges shows (maybe even the biggest) on Stardoll, Miss Stardoll World! We all want our medolls to look perfect for the event, official MSW stores open for it as well, every year.  I made a review about MSW stores for you today.
1st store: Clothing
 It has nothing to do with beauty on this blog but you must have a good outfit to look perfect, that is even more important than Makeup.
My opinion is that all items are nice and they look well-made. They are elegant, prices are in Stardollars and Starcoins. All pieces are in colours of the main background. 
2nd store: Polished
Prices are from 14Sd (for Polishes with no style) - 20Sd (for Polish with effect). I like the collection, even if I am not a hughe fan of Polishes on Stardoll, just because they aren't very effective, but I still like them ... because they can look really beautiful.
My favourite polish is "MSW Shooting Stars", 4th one below, it costs 17 Sd, what really is a lot.
3nd store: Doree (Not yet released)
New Doree MSW collection is in Spoilers, which I am really looking forward.

What do you think?

Take care,


Anonymous at: September 15, 2011 at 10:40 PM said...

Great post xx

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